A series of uneventful days

Friday, March 18th, 2005 at 11:06 | by Alistair Baillie

Well this week was fun; all assignments etc. were finished a few days early – extremely unusual for me! I even had a bit of good luck, the Economics test I sat on Tuesday; the question was actually on the only topic that I bothered to revise, how lucky am I? What was that topic ‘Explain how the Prisoners Dilemma theory can be used to explain why the forming of cartels is rarely successful’ (or words to that effect, it was so long ago I did it!).

So what’s left to do? I have to do an assignment for ‘Software Correctness’ which is basically mathematical, that’s due on the Thursday before Easter, then I have to get writing my economics essay which is due on the first of April.

Then… That’s me (probably), Strathclyde closes for the 2 week Easter break on Friday 1st April, and then it’s straight into the June examination diet.

In geeky news, my little project ‘abWebCMS’ (Yes I know it’s a crap name, but I have still to come up with something more imaginative, besides what do you think the ‘Find & Replace’ feature is for in Dreamweaver) is progressing well, it can now display the hierarchical format correctly, and allows navigation of the hierarchical data, without screwing up.

Not very impressive on its own, but then I am only working on it in some spare time in the evenings.

So until next time, ta ta!

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