My dodgy CSS coding

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004 at 11:46 | by Alistair Baillie

I was impressed while flicking through my guest book earlier today to see a message from someone who has obviously been paying attention.

Hey Ali — Due to your using .CSS edited ‘Divs’ for the nav-bar, they do not always line up correctly. If the user sets their default font size smaller or bigger than yours, it will line up slightly off. Perhaps you should define a constant font size in the CSS?
Posted by: Rushfan

Unfortunately they didn’t leave an email address for me to reply too, so I’ll do it here.

Yep I am aware that unfortunately if you adjust the text size using your browsers view menu, the top tab bar becomes either slightly larger or slightly smaller than the expected size. If you pay close attention you’ll notice that the corner piece (although at the time the person wrote the entry, I believe it was my picture that caused the problem) doesn’t resize so you notice a slight overlap.

As ‘Rushfan’ has suggested this could be easily corrected by using static font sizes to force display at 10pt instead of 80% of the users requested size, but doing so will basically disable the users ability to resize the text to suit themselves.

I also believe (and hope I am backed up by the fact that you’re the first / only person to notice this) that most people are using the ‘normal’ or ‘default’ size so it should render correctly.

Thanks for letting me know, I assure you that as soon as I discover away to resize the image using vectors in CSS I shall correct the problem.

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