Free Christmas Tree’s

Thursday, November 25th, 2004 at 14:01 | by Alistair Baillie

Well Homebase have decided to give all their staff a free NeedleLast Christmas Tree (apparently worth £20), so that means we are going to end up with two, since both my sister and I work there.

On the Christmas front, it’s only a fortnight on Saturday to my works night out over in East Kilbride. And its now week 8 (or maybe week 9) of University already!

The Christmas TV this year looks relatively crap, unless you happen to be blessed with Sky, lets see, we have a film at 8.30 on BBC1 on Christmas eve, they just haven’t decided what one it will be yet :), although Steptoe and Son the film is on at 12.20, channel 4 comes in with the 100 greatest musicals and Five is as predictable as always with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Day fares a little better with Shrek on BBC1, and Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, is also on some time over the Christmas period on BBC1, but I cant find it on the schedules 🙂

I also went to see White Chicks with Kathryn, Lorna ∓ Steven from work, it was hilarious, if you haven’t seen it yet, and its been out a while I suggest you go and see it.

On the games front, I have become addictive to Halo (Not Halo 2) for the PC, the single player campaigns are utter crap, I started playing it, got to end of first part, to where you escape from the ship before it crashes within 5 minutes, simply shooting anything that shot at me. Luckily I was saved from going any further by my graphics card driver crashing – a problem I have now fixed (hopefully). But although the single player version is utter crap, the online multiplayer game is brilliant, especially when you add a program called TeamSpeak that allows you to talk using a mic to other opponents, or other people within the ‘chat room’ on TeamSpeak, far easier that typing, you can also use it in the background while you are typing essays!

And my exchange goes live with Broadband sometime early December, so hopefully I will soon be saying bye bye to AOL and its random disconnects when you’re doing something important.

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