They’re finally over!

Monday, August 23rd, 2004 at 15:29 | by Alistair Baillie

Well that’s the end of my exams for at least another 6 months, now I just have the agonising wait to see if I get through to third year, or if I’m going to get kicked out.

Changing the subject completely, I’m determined to see how many pages I can make my phone bill for this month, without getting charged, so far I have 7 pages worth of text messages, and 2 pages of phone calls, and I haven’t been charged a penny over my calling plan. I still have around 30 minutes of calls left, and 200 text messages before they start charging me, so I wonder how many pages that will make.

As the exams are over, it leaves me free to concentrate on the university paper, currently called ‘Strathclyde Telegraph’, I am, assuming I am not thrown out, this years online editor, which means I’m in charge of the website.

So far I’ve done a new look for it, and I’m working on the publishing system to make it easy to use, so the current plan is to have it up prior to freshers week, and to have freshers edition published at 00.01 on the Monday of freshers week. The editor did tell me when freshers week was, but I forgot, its sometime near the end of September.

If your interested in the paper by all means check it out at, but remember it wont be up till the last week in September.

And to finish, I hate bloody Microsoft office ‘smart quotes’ they screw up my blog posting system because it doesn’t understand what they are!

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