Maths 2b

Thursday, August 12th, 2004 at 15:40 | by Alistair Baillie

Well, I resat Maths 2b for the last time today; I say last time because that’s me maxed out the number of resit’s I am allowed to take.

It kinda sucks, I am doing a computing course (Software Engineering) to be precise, of which I have passed all the computing related classes, however I have 3 maths classes from first year that I must pass, Maths 2b, Discreet Mathematics (Tomorrow), and Maths 1b (Next Tuesday).

Well since this is my 4th attempt at them all, I don’t hold out much faith in my ability to pass em, so I may be looking for a different course next semester.

And to make matters worse, they changed the class code for it last year, it’s the same exam paper just different codes, I of course sat in the wrong section, but I wrote the correct class code on everything, so that shouldn’t matter.

As if that isn’t enough to worry about, its also been pouring continuously since Monday, the weekend (when I was working) was roastin hot & sunny. Monday however saw torrential downpours and thunderstorms, as did much of Tuesday, and yes its still bucketing down today, there was a brief let up when the sun shone for about 5 hours last night, but it quickly returned to the miserable wet and clammy conditions.

Now Scotland as a whole is normally geared up for rain, but the torrential rain of the past few days has resulted in flooding, making driving slow as hell.

I have also came across someone else on my course’s weblog, located at, I’m not sure if I know who he is, but he’s definitely on my course, so pop along to his site and say hi.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I had better get back to attempting to study for this Discrete Mathematics exam at 9.30am tomorrow 🙁

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