A night at the bowling…

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 at 16:15 | by Alistair Baillie

Ok, so I went bowling with some people from work on Thursday night, some of us went for dinner first at Frankie & Benny’s then we went to Hollywood Bowling at Coatbridge (Beside showcase cinema).

Surprisingly I actually won, both games, there were 9 of us playing, that turned up, and the scores are below (since I said Id stick em up, since I was only person who got a printout of them).

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There in the order they are on the sheet 🙂 – First Game / Second Game

  • Kat: 79 / 87
  • Lorna: 74 / 45
  • Joanne: 78 / 61
  • Ali: 122 / 105
  • Steven: 82 / 94
  • Ash: 98 / 82
  • Cherry: 118 / 71
  • Laura: 77 / 101
  • Tommy: 69 / 96

But to be fair, Ash, Cherry ∓ Laura had the bumpers up on both games, and Joanne had them up in the first game.

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