Storks bring babies!!

Friday, May 21st, 2004 at 13:30 | by Alistair Baillie

While perusing the paper this morning, I discovered a story, about a German couple, who had been married for 8 years, and wanted children, nothing wrong with that.

So they wondered on down to a fertility clinic to try and discover what the problem was, the clinic being a fine establishment carried out some thorough tests, and were left puzzled as both were fertile and should have had no problem conceiving.

Then one of the doctors asked the question ‘How often do you have sex?’ the couples response was a blatant look and the words ‘what do you mean’ (Well obviously in German and probably not exactly those words – anyway).

Yes apparently the husband and wife, who were 36 and 30 respectively, had been brought up in a religious environment where they had no idea of the concept of sex, or ‘how babies are made’.

The clinic responsible for finding this out, is now undertaking a study to find out how many other couples are lacking, somewhat, with their sexual education.

Now, we here in the UK (and probably the rest of the world) may find this amusing, but lets think for a minute, how many teenagers in the UK (between 12 – 18) end up becoming pregnant? Yep probably 1000’s every year, so maybe we should take a look at the German education system and incorporate some of its idea’s into ours.

I’ll stop writing about this now, I can’t imagine what kind of search terms this is going to rank my site under on google!

Online version of story: Ananova

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