Sunday, May 16th, 2004 at 20:08 | by Alistair Baillie

Lets have a rant about exams then shall we, since most UK Universities will currently be in the middle of theirs, as well as the Scottish SQA examnations for schools.

We all seem to hate them, after doing exams for the past 5 years, I am no longer particularly bothered by them, you either fail or pass, no amount of worrying is going to affect your result.

Anyway, I have currently sat 2 exams, with a further 4 exams remaining, I have Discrete Mathematics tomorrow at 9.30, Low Level Programming at 9.30 on Tuesday, and System’s analysis and Design (SAD for short) on Friday, and lastly Algorythms & Complexity a week on Wednesday.

As much as I would love to pass them all, I am not to bothered, yes I need to pass the majority to proceed to my 3rd year, but at this stage, I couldn’t really care. I dont particularly like my course, or university, I cant though work out what I dont like about it. One aspect seems to be the fact I have to do classes that I have no interest in, and that are in no way related to what I want to do. Namely Computer Architecture and Design, I mean, why? why do I need to know how a bloody MIPS processor works, I can honestly say that I couldn’t care less.

Anyway, I have received a reasonably amusing video via email, as it was to big to send to others (yep hotmail has a maximum file size), I have stuck it up on here. Click here for the video

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