Phase 3, Semester 2, Week 1

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 at 21:16 | by Alistair Baillie

Yet another week is gone and I can happily say that so far for all the assessments and exams I have marks back for, I have passed. So I am currently just waiting on “Navigation Aids / Voyage Planning” and “Dry Cargo” results.

This semester is very sparse on classes, with them dotted around the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

The 5 classes are broadly named Command Management and Marine Operations but break down into;

Command Management is split between three lecturers, with each lecturer covering a different part;

MCA Signals – Not quite purely for signals, but this is the class that after Easter we will be doing practice and sitting our signals examination in. For those not aware that’s things such Morse code & the International Code of Signals. Before Easter we will be doing emergency procedures.

Manoeuvring – Covering mainly manoeuvring characteristics and involving time practicing on the colleges TRANSAS simulators.

Engineering – We haven’t had this class yet, so I’m not entirely sure what’s involved.

Marine Operations has been split between two lecturers and is essentially covering all the legal aspects of shipping including; international sale of goods, bills of lading, record keeping, collisions, P&I Clubs, lay time, salvage, pollution, employment contracts and lots of other things which I wont list.

Initially there doesn’t appear to be an exam for any of the classes this semester, they all seem to be assessed using assignments and coursework, which is always a good thing – except they can make it a lot harder since you have access to notes!

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