Stability, Cargo gone, the exams are looming!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008 at 20:40 | by Alistair Baillie

We’ll that’s my first week back at Warsash gone. This weekend was spent mainly in at the library in Warsash working on finishing the stability assignment, and finishing off the 3 cargo assignments which are all due tomorrow.

Stability is now all finished and printed, 2 of the cargo ones are finished, and the last finishing touches are being made to the group cargo one tonight.

This week will be the last week of our first semester classes, we then have an exam week – with 2 exams, and then we go straight into semester 2 which lasts 6 weeks until Easter, then around 8 weeks until we go back to sea around the middle of May.

In continuing with answering questions, I’ll answer James;

How secure are the rooms at Warsash and/or at sea? For example, would it be safe enough to leave your laptop in your room/cabin whilst you go out for the day, or are you advised to take such valuables with you?

My room mate and I only ever locked the room we had at Warsash if we were both leaving the building. We all spent most of our time wondering around other people’s rooms and felt perfectly safe leaving the doors unlocked. Naive maybe, but we and as far as I know, no one, had any problems with stuff being nicked.

Onboard ship I kept my cabin locked whenever I wasn’t in it. When you have 500+ crew and 1500+ passengers it’s probably a good idea, but I wasn’t aware of any problems. On the rare occasion when I misplaced my keys and couldn’t lock it the lovely cabin steward locked it for me after he/she had been in – meaning I had to go hunt them down or find someone with a master key to let me back in.

Next time I’ll answer the “What is an average day at college like” question, and once I get back to sea, I’ll answer the slightly more interesting “what’s an average day at sea like”.

If anyone has any other questions not already in the list, please feel free to ask them.

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