Phase 3, Week 1 over

Thursday, October 4th, 2007 at 20:23 | by Alistair Baillie

We’ll that’s me back at Warsash now until May. For anyone interested this college phase is split into two, with the first set of exams around the week of my birthday (22nd of January) after which we go straight into semester 2 and different classes.

In the mean time I have further classes on wet and dry cargo, this time I believe concentrating on cargo planning and using computer software as well as the old pen and paper method of planning cargo loading and storage.

Stability this semester is progressing on from what we learned last time at college, starting off with a basic overview of ship structures which we have now completed after 2 lectures and are now going onto working out stability.

New this semester is Meteorology which looks to be interesting, we already have 2 assignments for it; 1 involves taking observations in the weather room for a day then acting as if we are on a reporting ship to complete the assignment. The second involves deciding upon which path to take for a voyage taking into account the weather information we’re provided with.

Voyage planning also appears on our timetable, although we haven’t done much in that class yet.

The timetable this semester is only 12 hours of lectures so there’s quite a bit of free time, so I don’t really have an excuse for not learning COLREG’s this phase.

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