Two weeks to go!

Monday, July 30th, 2007 at 12:03 | by Alistair Baillie

I have now been at sea for 6 months and can happily say I have enjoyed it, even if I am now very tired and wanting to go home to sleep for a few weeks!

With only 10 days left here I am starting to write my end of sea phase report for college and making sure all the MNTB tasks and various other paperwork is all completed before I leave.

Work has been continuing much the same as before, with 4 hours for arrival (or departure) on watch, and 4 hours doing TRB tasks during the day. Admittedly I have been going ashore as much as possible, although this week we’re only visiting cities and there not that nice so I’ll be sunbathing up on deck 12 instead.

I have however been given the task of creating a list of every automatic and manual fire alarm attached to the fire alarm system since we don’t appear to have one. No one told me we have 2506 of them attached on 28 different loops with loops randomly distributed across decks and fire zones (there is probably a system to there distribution but I cant work it out) before I agreed – but then I didn’t ask either, so its partly my fault. I did however work out how to set the alarm system to allow me to navigate around the drawings of the ship and just click on the detectors to find out the details about it – which is saving quite a bit of time. It’s just a pity you can’t just click print 🙂

A few weeks ago I went on a crew excursion to a water park outside Civitavecchia which was a lot of fun. It was deserted except for a few locals and the crew from the various cruise ships that were in that day – crew get discounts :), so there weren’t any queues.

The ship has been a lot busier the past few weeks since the school holidays have now started, last week and this week being especially busy with lots of “code browns”.

Anyway, I just thought I would write something so you all know I am still alive. I’ll probably write a lot more once I get back to the UK.

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