I’m not dead

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 at 13:53 | by Alistair Baillie

Greetings, just a little posting to let you know I’m not dead. As most of you will know I went home last weekend. Classes on the Friday were cancelled so I flew home on Thursday night, spent Friday doing not a lot, including lying in bed. Saturday I took sister to work and popped in to say hi to the people at Homebase in Wishaw. After spending a wee while there I went round to my two gran and grampa’s to see them before heading back home for a nice quiet night in. I got up on Sunday and headed for the airport to fly back down here, and went out for dinner with Richard, Dave & Helena to the Rising Sun.

Monday started off with another maths test, followed by chart work where the lecturer marked the paper we had been given to do in our own time the previous week. I don’t think I did that badly, I failed question 1 on the grounds of a principle error, which basically writes off the question. The remaining questions I had done correctly, and were fine except I got a few clerical errors for not putting .0 after whole numbers.

Tuesday was spent doing pacific secondary ports in tides, followed by a cancelled cargo lecture and lastly by celestial navigation where we were introduced to sextants. Unfortunately we wont actually get to use them until were at sea.

On Wednesday I had no classes as I had to go get my second hepatitis B injection, the rest of the day was spent doing terrestrial work that I had missed.

Thursday started off with Law which was abandoned as the lecturer was ill followed by presentations on our cargo assignment.

Tomorrow I have just one class, Study Skills, then I’m off to do the chart work paper that’s due on Monday.

I’ve moved my powerboat course to next weekend as one of the girls wanted to cancel it, so I get to do the intermediate course before Christmas.

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