Yet another week down!

Monday, November 6th, 2006 at 22:29 | by Alistair Baillie

Well that’s yet another week been and gone. It’s been pretty much the same as the rest although we had our timetable changed, so we now get Navigation Aids last thing on a Thursday – there goes one of my afternoons off. We also had a lecturer change for Navigation Aids so hopefully now I’ll start to pick up what there trying to explain to us, which so far has been about co-efficient’s B, C & D that you use to correct deviation in a magnetic compass.

I have finally got the hang of chart work, although I seem to be consistently out by a mile or two when it comes to writing the answers – either I can’t read the Latitude and Longitude off the side of the chart properly or I can’t measure the right distance!

On Saturday a group of us went paintballing nearby which was brilliant fun. I only got shot twice – although I got hit plenty of times that didn’t count.

Next weekend I’m off to St Malo in France for the day – to pass the time with some people from college, and I’m off to the US Embassy on the 1st of December to attend my interview for my visa application.

Just in case you’re reading this Kathryn, Happy Birthday for Friday.

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