The First Weekend

Saturday, September 16th, 2006 at 23:00 | by Alistair Baillie

Well, that’s one week down! Last week was rather boring as we didn’t really do much, other than get a very brief introduction to the shipping industry.

The weekend was rather fun, Friday night started with a trip to the student bar, which was rather boring and deserted and resulted in a group of us making our way along the coast to a pub by the marina. We stayed there till closing time – 11PM!!!, then walked back along the coastal path to the college and sat in the TV room until 3am doing rather little.

Saturday was a bit boring as well; most people seemed to have gone home at the weekend as the college itself was deserted. I went into Southampton with some other guys, had a wonder around, and then went to Tesco and back to the college to sleep for a few hours. Saturday night involved a brief trip to the student bar, followed by a wonder along the road to the ‘Ferryman’ where we stayed to around 2330 when we walked balk along past the marina and down the coastal path to the college. We then sat outside on one of the benches drinking until around 0200 on Sunday when we all disappeared to bed.

Sunday was going to be the day we went to the boat show, we were up quite early and quickly lost everyone, so Dave, Vicky and Me trailed into Southampton on the bus, discovered the boat show was £15 each to get in, and decided to go shopping instead. Had lunch at Pizza hut then trailed back to the college, slept for a few hours went to the bar, then all the Viking people went to our room to watch Team America.

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