Browns of Lanark

Saturday, September 9th, 2006 at 18:10 | by Alistair Baillie

Yesterday was my mum and dads 34th anniversary and I went out with them for diner. We went to a restaurant called “browns” which is in Lanark. It’s a really unusual restaurant, its been an old house that has been converted and the restaurant consists of a large room where you enter, with a passageway leading to a smaller room with two tables, then an archway through to a conservatory area which has some more tables. There is also a garden patio area out the back.

They serve “normal” food which is presented beautifully and is a change from the indian, chinese, italian and other types of food which is served by most places around here.

There starters were presented beautifully, with the smoked salmon being brought on a large square glass plate.

For main course I had Pan fried strips of fillet of beef with button mushrooms, paprika and Dijon cream served with steamed wild rice.

For those interested the current menu’s and address of the restaurant are on their web site at

Well this is now my last day in Scotland for a while, I’m being picked up tomorrow by David who is one of my fellow Island Cruises cadets and driving down to Warsash Maritime Academy hopefully arriving around 2ish in the afternoon.

So I guess from now on the entries will focus more on the training and stuff, so hopefully anyone reading this will find it interesting.

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