The Past Few Days

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 16:26 | by Alistair Baillie

Well, I forgot to post earlier so I’ll just do them all in one go.


On Friday I met up with Matt who is one of the Carnival UK cadets from Scotland, we went shopping for a few last minute uniform things, then to Pizza Hut for lunch before heading home. So at least I have now met 5 people who are going to be at Warsash on Sunday along with me.


Was my last day at Homebase, boo hoo, so sad and all that. Well there is a little truth in that, I’ll miss some of the people there, but then I won’t really miss what I was doing – hopefully.

Saturday night was my kind of leaving party thing from work, big thanks to everyone who came to the Malt, and thank you everyone for the card and the presents – much appreciated. Ill be sure to send you a picture of me in my uniform once I get it!

While out I bumped into (or rather my sister did and I followed) an old friend from school. I’m glad to say he’s doing really well and has recorded numerous songs that he has written himself, check him out on myspace at

Also bumped into David who’s one of my fellow Island Cruise’s cadets. Shockingly I didn’t realise who he was when he started talking to me – sorry, but I did twig eventually.


Well I didn’t really do much; I got up around 1pm then went to see my gran and grampa Baillie for a few hours. My grampa has been building a real model steam train for years and he’s almost finished, it’s all working and really impressive.


I can not remember at all what I was doing on Monday, so it couldn’t have been that exciting. Although my sister went away at some ungodly hour this morning to Tenerife (I think??) with her friends.

Ok, so back to today;

We’ll DHL finally decided to (after having it in their Glasgow Depo since last Wednesday, and after numerous phone calls and emails from me to both DHL and o2) attempt to deliver my phone to me, which was quickly refused and should now hopefully be making its way back to o2 so that I can cancel my contract and move to Vodafone.

Also started getting stuff ready to pack away, the amount of stuff I need to take is huge; it’s currently all over my sister’s room since she’s away on holiday. Thank goodness I’m coming home at Christmas so I can bring most of it back then, and the rest back in January.

On the note of coming home, I have booked my flights home and got a total bargain. Flying home on 22nd of December is costing me £20 with BA, and flying back in January is costing me £22 with flyBe.

We’ll that’s been quite a long entry today, only 3 days left until I travel down to Warsash Maritime Academy (yes its changed its name), and then I will hopefully start with the daily entries of the training for those that have expressed an interest in them.

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