Induction, Rocky Horror Show & Leaving Soon

Sunday, August 27th, 2006 at 18:30 | by Alistair Baillie

Ok, so I attended an induction day with Island Cruises down at their head office located in Brighton, lovely place down on south coast of England, about 20 minutes from Gatwick airport on the train. Lots of bars and clubs, also apparently the gay capital of Britain, but anyway…

So, I went to the induction day, and we were told all about Island Cruises, their structure and the way that they operate. We also briefly covered what we would be doing, and got the chance to speak to there managing and operations director.

There are 6 of us with Island Cruises, one of the other guys if from the same town as me, which I didn’t know.

I now have just under two weeks left before I leave for Warsash Maritime Academy (formerly Warsash Maritime Centre) which will be my home for the next 17 weeks until I fly out to join one of the Island Cruise’s ships in Brazil.

I’ve been attempting to complete my US visa application but it’s too confusing and I keep giving up 🙂 Why do they need to make all these things so complicated 🙂

I finish up with Homebase on the 2nd of September, so that’s me done my last Sunday shift, with just one more Monday, Friday and Saturday shift left :'(

A bunch of us went to see the Rocky Horror Show at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow on Friday night. It was good; if you haven’t seen it I really suggest you go as its one of the best musicals ever! We went to the early showing on the Friday then went out to Anti Pasti on Sauchihall Street for dinner, then we got the last train home.

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