P&O Assessment Centre (Day 3)

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 at 00:00 | by Alistair Baillie

Today was my interview, like the day before I got up nice and early at 0645 and headed for some breakfast in the refectory at 0730, then headed back to my room to get changed, and to pack all my stuff away since we had to be out of the rooms by 0900 (my interview was at 0900 so that didn’t really matter).

I was really nervous about the interview, and several of the other candidates had also gathered in an area outside the room which had comfy chairs, since we had nowhere else to go until our interviews.

Mine was over within 20 minutes, and at around 1040 one of the other cadets who was flying to Belfast and myself got a taxi to the airport, had some lunch and then flew home later that afternoon.

Due to flyBe only operating two flights a day on Tuesday and Thursday I wasn’t able to transfer onto an earlier flight so had to wait in the airport until my flight home at 1820.

Luckily the snow had gone, apart from the odd pile of it lying beside the runway as we landed at Glasgow Airport, and I was through the terminal and on my way home around 2000.

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