An Uneventful Fortnight

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005 at 20:31 | by Alistair Baillie

We’ll I have left Glasgow Caledonian university, it wasn’t for me, it’s not really a university, it’s far too much like school. Maybe if I had gone straight their instead of to Strathclyde I might have liked it.

What else has been happening, well, I graduate from Strathclyde University on Monday, not long to go now!

On the job front I have been looking hard, but so far found nothing, it appears no one wants to employ you without experience! So just how are you meant to get experience if you can’t get a job???

So on that note, if you know of any small companies in (preferably) Scotland, but anywhere really that want a web site designed, let me know! Also if you come across any IT related jobs (no matter what it is, that doesn’t look for experience – please let me know!)

I am working hard on a new web site design in my spare time, to replace this ageing one. Yes it really was March that I last changed the design. The new design is inspired by the Royal Bank of Scotland’s online banking system, and is very blue.

So until I get a chance to write something else, c ya.

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